Fairing simpler, faster and more environmentally friendly
Today it is possible with the rollers

Naviclean facilitates the maintenance of your sailboat or motorboat hull
With us, you no longer need toxic antifouling
You navigate respecting the environment


Naviclean offers you a regular maintenance service for the hull afloat that maintains the
gliding performance of your boat without the need for toxic antifouling.

This service is available throughout the boating season.

An operator welcomes you and guides you. You just have to enjoy and you
relax. Naviclean takes care of everything.


Naviclean offers a regular maintenance service for hulls without toxic antifouling paint. In order to avoid any constraint on the boater, you can use our service without prior cleaning of the antifouling paint in place. We take care of making your hull non-toxic after just a few washes. The brushed waste is collected and then reprocessed. Just make sure that your boat meets the acceptance criteria of our stations.

4 to 6 washes during the boating season (depending on your situation) will then be necessary to keep your hull clean.

With or without an appointment, you present your boat at the floating brushing station. You are picked up by the operator and peacefully follow their instructions. Once your boat is moored to the winch and the engine is off, the Naviclean operator takes care of cleaning your hull. Your boat is quickly cleaned by the action of the rotating brushes. Finishes are carried out by the operator using a high pressure jet or a manual brush. Your boat is finally released from the winch. You can restart the engine and sail again, clean and with peace of mind.

Soft and delicate brushing of the hull repels accumulated bio-dirt

In less than 30 minutes, your boat is clean and ready to sail while respecting the environment.

You can stay on board your boat to relax or do other tasks (washing the deck, tidying up, etc.)

The brushing station can treat either your motor boats and sailboats up to 10.49 meters in hull length, 3.80 meters in width (the width of the brushes is 3.30m), 2 meters in water depth.



The Naviclean afloat brushing service makes the maintenance of your boat easier and faster.
It keeps your hull always clean by maintaining it several times a season according to your needs.

Less than 30 minutes for a complete wash


One station and one operator per port.
You choose your washing window from a time slot adapted to your desires and your constraints.
Reservations are available here


Using the Naviclean service optimizes the glide of your hull and reduces your fuel consumption throughout the season.
By visiting us regularly, your boat's performance will be better than with a number of toxic antifoulings.


With Naviclean, streamlining saves you time and money.
You significantly reduce your annual refit costs and time and save yourself the hassle of doing it yourself.



By no longer applying toxic antifouling paint, you are contributing to a better quality of the maritime space.

Depending on the speed at which bio-fouling develops on your hull, you yourself control the frequency of passage on the afloat fairing station. You maintain your hull according to your situation (fouling speed, use of your boat, availability) and do it more efficiently.

The Naviclean service does not use any chemicals or detergents and contributes to a healthier environment.

Your hull quickly becomes 100% non-toxic with the Naviclean service.

The waste collected by the recovery basin is reprocessed by an approved company in accordance with the environmental standards in force.


The Naviclean service allows you to maintain your hull without taking your boat out of the water. You therefore eliminate any risk associated with handling (craning, storage on cradles, risky work).

The afloat fairing station is a structure, similar to a floating dock, designed to ensure maximum safety and not damage your boat during cleaning.

You are greeted and served by a Naviclean operator at your service, concerned about your comfort and your satisfaction.


The Naviclean service is quick and easy.

Taking care of your boat has never been easier.

Sailing without toxic antifouling will become a matter of course.

Discover our service and its advantages on this video.


Naviclean offers a washing station that cleans the hulls, keels and decks of motor boats and sailboats that meet the new expectations of boaters.

To operate your own Naviclean station, contact us quickly.

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