Operate your own Naviclean station


There is currently no 100% ecological antifouling solution on the market for fairing boats.

Pollution of the marine ecosystem

Boaters are more and more aware of the ecological impact of antifouling paints

Difficulty and risks of the fairing

Boaters want a quick and easy way to maintain the boat without heavy handling

High cost of fairing

The high cost of boat maintenance pushes boaters to seek more economical alternatives


Naviclean offers a washing station that cleans the hulls, keels and decks of motor boats and sailboats that meet the new expectations of boaters.

Easy and fast

Maintenance afloat without leaving the boat
Reservation on line or by telephone
15 to 30 minutes per wash 6 times per season


Significant savings in time (70%) and cost (30%) for boaters. The transition phase to the Naviclean solution is quick for boaters


The Naviclean solution is the only 100% ecological solution on the market and does not require the use of detergents and toxic products.


The standard model washing station (4m wide) allows both hull and keel cleaning by brushing and deck cleaning using an adjustable high pressure jet.

Its hold afloat depending on the model is 16 meters long, 6 meters wide and 3 meters deep (with basin).

Its hold on the ground is 6m long, 3m wide and high.

The station can accommodate sailboats or motorboats up to 13 meters long, 4 meters wide BAU and 1.90 meters draft (more than 90% of the park).

It requires power supply and a running water supply.

Voilier sur station Naviclean

The Naviclean station is compact and robust, it is easily manoeuvrable in the port / marina. It can quickly be taken out of the water for maintenance and be back up and running in a matter of hours.

Several installation configurations are possible in the port / marina enclosure:

  • Along a quay or pontoon,
  • Between 2 pontoons
  • At the end of the pontoon or quay
Implantation d'une station Naviclean dans un port, le long d'un ponton


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